What should your first message say in an online dating app?

Online one night hookup apps are very convenient and simple to use, which is why many people choose online hook up apps. Online dating works is also very simple, you only need to slide to the right to the left, and then you can get a match, after get a match, you can communicate and flirt with your potential partner in the chat room, either way, as long as you like it and your date accepts it, it’s a good way.

But do you really know what good message is? Do you know what your first message should be to interest your 3some dating partner when you first made a successful match? Greetings like “Hey, hello” are basically the right way to greet your friends in real life. It’s a harmless way to greet your friends and your family. However, this does not apply to online casual hookup apps. If you talk to your potential 3some dating dates like this, you may not get any response from 50% or more, especially if you want to establish a conversation with a very beautiful girl. Because they receive a lot of similar information every day, which obviously has no attraction for them.

Research shows that the right character is the key to a successful message. About 50-80 characters is the most suitable length, and the most common length. It may seem like too many characters, but that’s just the length of a sentence. So now that you know how many characters are appropriate, you need to know what to say and what not to say in your first message.

Instead of commenting on your potential date’s physical appearance, you should focus on their personal dating profile because it’s a platform for them to show off their interests and personality. You’ll get everything you want from their dating profiles. The best way is to ask questions based on their interests. For example, if they are a person who likes traveling, you can ask them which cities they have been to, and the attractions in those cities are worth recommending, etc. I think she’ll be happy to answer your questions.

If your casual dating partner is someone who likes photography, you can ask them which cameras are good for people and which ones are good for subjects. You can say that you are also a photographer, but you are a beginner and don’t know what kind of camera to choose. If they are warm-hearted, they will be more than happy to answer your questions. A dialogue is established by this way.

Finally, be sure to show in your first message that you are a fairly sincere person, because honesty is a quality that people like. Don’t make yourself look like a playboy. Also remember not to get nervous and not to respond to messages. Because it makes the other person think you’re not interested in them. If you get a match, start the conversation now!